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Dr. McNutt Orthodontics Logo

McNutt Orthodontics and Southern Smiles
Are In Affiliation With Each Other & Are Owned By The McNutt Family

At Southern Smiles & McNutt Orthodontics we boldly embrace the idea that every patient is worthy of compassion, deserves the highest quality of care and the needs of our patients come before our own. We believe in going above and beyond what the world expects and we strive to put a smile on your face with our “Southern Hospitality.” Our core values and beliefs are the foundation upon which the entire practice rests.

Is McNutt Orthodontics the same as Southern Smiles?

McNutt Orthodontics and Southern Smiles are directly affiliated, and you will see both names and logos on the web and in the community.


Has the website changed for McNutt Orthodontics?

The primary website for McNutt Orthodontics is now, and the long-time website is now primarily used to showcase our before and after collection and for patient education.


For orthodontics, does it matter whether or not we call the number for Southern Smiles or the McNutt Orthodontics number on the web?

Calling either is just fine, all of our phones are VOIP and are directed to the orthodontic team.


We understand that Southern Smiles has a pediatric dental location in Cary.
Does Southern Smiles also have a pediatric dentistry location in Clayton?

Our only Southern Smiles Pediatric dental location is in Cary only.  Orthodontic patients from the Clayton area are certainly welcome to become pediatric dental patients at Southern Smiles in Cary.


Are both the pediatric dental team and the orthodontic team open at the same time with the same hours?

Not always, as each practice has their own team and patient care office hours.


Does the orthodontic team care for patients of all ages?

Absolutely! We have had patients as young as four years old and patients in their 80's.

Image by Milad Fakurian
Southern Smiles Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry Brand Element

Community Service

Part of our Mission Statement is that “We will engage our local community in meaningful ways through volunteerism, altruism, and direct support. Through these contributions, we will leave the world a better place.” Below are just some of our past and present involvement in local community service.

Community Service


Sandra Hartford

“I've been a patient of McNutt Orthodontics in Cary, NC, for several years now and have always
been thoroughly pleased with them. The staff is always pleasant, courteous, and conduct
themselves in a very professional manner. Dr. McNutt treats his patients with true kindness and
compassion. If you're looking for an amazing orthodontic practice, I highly recommend this one!!”

Melissa B

“Dr. McNutt and his support staff are phenomenal. Period. I completed my ortho treatment with
another doctor a year and a half ago, prior to moving to the area. I realized one evening that my
alignment retainers were MIA. In a panic, I contacted Dr. McNutt's office as he had come highly
recommended by my former orthodontist. Realizing the urgency in needing to get replacement
retainers as quickly as possible to avoid alignment shifting, his staff worked me into the schedule that morning. Dr. McNutt gave an  honest assessment of my options and offered his opinion on the
best course of action. I trust his expertise and integrity.

Expedient, professional, caring, efficient, and proactive  characterized my visit. The time they spent assisting me was above and beyond "typical" customer service. I was impressed they handled my visit with the diligence as though I were an established patient. Further, the Cary office is clean, orderly, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing.

I was happy to schedule my son for an ortho observation appointment. During his visit, Dr. McNutt and his staff were courteous, informative, and offered smiles at every turn. I highly recommend Dr. McNutt and his team for adults or children seeking orthodontic care.”

Tanya Durham

“Excellent, family oriented, friendly, and the best orthodontist in the world. I been with Dr. McNutt
for 2 years. About 1/2 way through my treatment, I had to go see another orthodontist Dr, because
Dr McNutt was out of town. And that orthodontist Dr told me that I was dealing with the best, and
Dr McNutt was the Orthodontist of HOLLYWOOD. Stacy and Michelle at the front desk is so friendly, and I know sometimes I know they may be having a bad day, but I never saw it. So friendly, pleasant, and a pleasure to walk in and see their smiling faces. And that crazy Shantel and Andrew who worked on my braces all the time, always kept me laughing. Even when I had bad days myself, just to talk with them made my day better. We have laughed about some crazy stuff. And as far as the King Orthodontist of Hollywood, it's just too many words. He always had something funny tell
me. He is so compassionate, intelligent, funny, and was very knowledgeable about my care. The
whole entire crew felt like my family. Even though my braces are off, and it's coming to the end of
my treatment, I still might go their just to say sit down and talk. Thank you guys for everything
y'all did, you guys rock.”

Jessica Stover

“I am extremely pleased with Dr. Matthew and the entire staff at Cary Orthodontics. The appointments are precise, start right on time and I'm greeted by first name every time. Everyone is genuine and takes their time with treatment, especially Dr. Matthew. I just started Invisalign and am super excited to be a patient here! I highly recommend this practice to anyone who is looking for a professional (and high-tech) but also down to earth and friendly experience.”

Jessica Gonzalez

“Both of my children are patients at McNutt Orthodontics in Clayton, NC and we all LOVE Dr. McNutt. I appreciate how he speaks directly to the kids at appointments, explaining everything along the way so they fully understand what and why things are happening. The staff are so friendly and kind and make each visit a great experience. I highly recommend this office and tell all my friends to go see Dr. McNutt!!”

Kristy Dean

“As a non-traditional orthodontics patient, I did a lot of research before selecting Dr. McNutt as the
professional to see me through my second round of braces. I had braces in middle school; but now,
as thirty-something year old, I had become self- conscious about the shifting in my teeth and the
appearance of my smile. I expressed those concerns to Dr. McNutt during the very thorough initial
consultation and he offered several options that fit my budget and timeline. I was sold on day one!
Little did I know, the entire experience would be just as impressive. Throughout my entire
treatment period, Dr. McNutt and his staff offered the best in customer service and patient
relations. I appreciated the fact that at each visit Dr. McNutt seemed to remember exactly what we
had discussed previously and we were always on the same page with what the next step in my
treatment would be. Furthermore, I noticed a teaching atmosphere in the office as Dr. McNutt
explained his reasoning for treatment options to his staff; as a high school teacher, I appreciate
those teachable moments. In short, I would absolutely rate my experience with Dr. McNutt and the
Clayton Orthodontics staff as excellent. I recommend them often and plan to take my daughter
there once she's ready for braces.”

Donna Richard

“Best dental experience. I had 3 other consultations before deciding on McNutt orthodontics. Best
decision I ever made. Love the open clinic and being able to watch what is going on. Office staff is
always friendly and accommodating. Getting ready to have 2nd child evaluated. Highly

Melynda Slay

“I LOVE this office. Upon numerous recommendations of neighbors and friends, we chose to use this practice when we learned my daughter needed braces. On more than one occasion, we have run
into issues because my daughter is pretty rough on braces. Last night was one of those occasions. I
texted a picture of the issue to Stacy G. after-hours. She reached out to Dr. McNutt. They let me know how to handle the situation to hold us over until morning and set an appointment for my daughter at 7:30am today. During the school year, they helped set up appointments around her school and soccer schedule. The service has been unbelievable and the folks in the office are amazing. My daughter is very shy, but they go above and beyond to make sure she is comfortable and at ease. I was so impressed with this office following today's visit, that I wanted to share our experiences with the office.”

The Board Family

"From my first visit with Dr. McNutt, I’ve received nothing but helpful advice and easy-to-understand explanations on how to keep the process of fixing my teeth quick and easy. Dr. McNutt and his assistants have always been very kind when I visit, and each time I feel welcome and as if I’m being serviced by true professionals."

The Atwells

"Having my daughter in the care of Dr. McNutt and his staff of professionals has been a rewarding experience in many ways. Everything from ‘bedside manner’ to knowledgeable advice and expert
application of appliances has made the difference between her former shyness and new-found confidence and self-assurance. What a wonderful smile she has. Thank you, Tooth Mover Team!"

The Pryor Family

"My experience at Clayton Orthodontics was one of the best experiences. This was my first time ever having braces and my teeth look beautiful, and all thanks goes to doctor Matthew and his
team. I love coming for my check-up’s and if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing."

The Barritt Family

"As the second person in my family to receive treatment by Dr. Matthew I could not be happier with the care I have received. The staff are always friendly and make you feel like part of the family. I am so proud of my smile and have more confidence because of it. As my children are ready we will be returning for treatment. Thank you Dr. Matthew."

The Wendt Family

"Our experience with Dr. McNutt in particular and all the staff at Clayton Orthodontics has been very positive. From the first consultation where we talked about how Dr. McNutt would proceed, what our finance options were and the timeline for correcting the problems our son had with his teeth, everyone on the staff has been kind, professional, informative and most of all effective in helping us and our son come through the experience of wearing (and paying for) braces. When we had a bracket come loose, we were able to get an appointment immediately to have it re-secured. Dr. McNutt talked about options for fixing our son’s teeth with as much enthusiasm as I have ever seen displayed. It is obvious Dr. McNutt is passionate about
his work, and that was why we chose Clayton Orthodontics. We are very happy that we did!"

The Gomez Family

"Dr. McNutt and his staff are absolutely outstanding. His staff is friendly and professional. We couldn't have had a better experience. His skill and expertise is evident every time we see our
daughter's beautiful smile. We are exceedingly grateful for everything that he and his staff have done. It has truly been a pleasure working with them. We can't thank them enough."


“We chose Dr. McNutt for my husband's orthodontic treatment for many reasons. He is very
personable and friendly, detail-oriented, a perfectionist through and through, all qualities that I
greatly appreciate since I am a dental professional as well. He went above and beyond the call of
duty several times and always with a smile. Also, he uses the latest ortho technology and only the
best supplies and materials. He is a genuine health care provider, and not salesman. I would highly
recommend him and his wonderful staff for your orthodontic needs. You will never regret your

Kristen Smith

“Dr. McNutt has treated 2 of our children. He is kind and caring and his staff is always pleasant and
professional. From what I have seen, he uses some great technology to treat each kid like an individual. We have recommended him to several of our friends who are now patients of his as well. I can't stress how great this practice is. I promise you'll be treated like family.”

Jessica Anderson

“We have had the best experience at Dr. McNutt’s office. The staff are very friendly, welcoming and
efficient. Dr. McNutt is the nicest guy and you can tell he loves all of his patients. He’s very thorough and informative and while the visit is always quick, he doesn’t make it feel rushed. Highly recommend!!!!”

Emily W. Miller

“I just wanted to take the time and let you know how happy I am that Allison and I chose you for
our Orthodontic Family. We, just like lots of other families, are on a tight budget in this economy so
I decided when we were referred for Orthodontia treatment, that I would pick 3 Orthodontists in close proximity of our home, Allison’s school and my office. After “Interviewing” all three choices
I chose your practice. This was an easy decision because from the moment I called and set up an
initial consult to the day we walked in the door your staff made Allison and I feel like you cared about us and that you all cared about her! We were made to feel very welcome from the first phone call and we are always treated like you all have known us forever! You and your staff have answered every question I had about options of treatment, treatment plans and payments. From day one, we have felt blessed to be a patient of your practice! I want to thank you and your staff for the hard work and smiles they put on their faces every day to make us feel like you appreciate us as people
and our business!”

Jennifer Smith

“We just had our initial consultation with Dr. Matthew today and as a parent, I was blown away.
The amount of effort and detail that just went into my son's consultation was fantastic. We were given several treatment options and each one was explained to us in great detail. They took extensive photos and a panoramic x-ray as well. Everything was explained to us and nothing was left out. Even the payment plan was fantastic. I was referred to Dr. Matthew by a friend and I am so happy she did. Looking forward to my son's treatment here.”

Tonja Bogart

“Four of our children have been treated by Dr. McNutt and we have been so impressed. The staff
has always been kind, courteous and accommodating and Dr. McNutt himself has been superb. He
takes the time to listen, has thoroughly answered all of our questions and has addressed each of our concerns. Our oldest was very apprehensive about the process of correcting his teeth, but Dr.
McNutt was able to walk him through each step with confidence. Our children frequently get
comments about how well each of their smiles turned out. Dr. McNutt made so many fine-tune
adjustments of the smallest things we never noticed in order to get everything "just right". We
HIGHLY recommend Dr. McNutt.”

Kristine Clark

“Our family met Dr. McNutt when he first came to Clayton to open his practice here. From that
time having to extract my daughter Jordan's two front teeth, I knew he would be our orthodontist.
The way he interacted with her to keep her calm was amazing. He explained exactly what he would
be doing. He didn't just rush things to get it done. He took his time and that made me feel like this
is a doctor who cares about his patients. I recommend Dr. McNutt to friends as often as I can. I
wouldn't go anywhere else. I also can't say enough good things about his staff. They're all
awesome and I love going to their office!”

Scott Barnard

“Dr. McNutt puts the patient and their family first. His approach is unique in that he is genuinely
concerned about your goals and makes sure you completely understand what is possible with the various options. If you decision hinges on value...he's your guy. If you are more concerned about
quality and "bedside" manor...he's your guy. If you want the most comfortable experience, latest
technology, multiple goes on and on! Our family could not give a more emphatic
endorsement on Dr. McNutt and his staff"

The Edwards Family

"Dr. McNutt and his staff are fantastic. They are 100% professional, fun and they do a
great job at straightening teeth! For the Edwards family, they took care of a very complex orthodontic issue
with my daughter, Sara. Dr. McNutt was able to address my shifting teeth with Invisalign - both with excellent results. I recommend Dr McNutt without hesitation for anyone in need of orthodontic treatment."

Brooke King

"Dr. McNutt is one of the most talented people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He did absolute wonders with my teeth. Believe me when I say I had some serious crowding and bite issues. I just got my braces off, and I walked out of his office today with a beautiful smile that can light up a room. Not only is Dr. McNutt amazing but his staff is really nice. They remember things about you and events going on in your life to talk to you about while they take care of you. They are completely hilarious as well. I actually looked forward to my visits and still do. Dr. McNutt is definitely the best. I am sincere when I say, he can change your life."

The Grace Family

"I began my orthodontic treatment in November 2009 with Dr. Matthew McNutt. I knew right from the initial consultation that he would be the Orthodontist I was going to work with. As an adult
who had braces earlier in life, I had somewhat of an idea of what to expect. Dr. McNutt and his staff still took the time to explain and go over everything with me, each step of the way. I am pleased to say that I now have an amazing smile, and yes, I wear my retainers every night! The entire process was a wonderful experience and my only regret is that I wish I had not waited so long to get started! With his extensive knowledge and kind demeanor, I felt confident that Dr. McNutt & Cary Orthodontics would be a fantastic place for my children to
go, when their time came. My son and daughter are both patients now and actually look forward to going every time. They love his cool, kid-friendly waiting room and the nice staff! I recommend Dr. McNutt and his staff to everyone looking for a positive orthodontist experience resulting in a fabulous smile!"

The Reynolds Family

"From the outset, we’ve had incredibly positive experiences with Clayton Orthodontics. Starting with our walk through the door the first time and meeting the reception staff all the way to Dr. McNutt, everyone has been wonderful. We always get reminders ahead of our scheduled appointments and whenever we’ve needed to come in on short notice, the staff always worked with us to get us in. The folks at Clayton Orthodontics always clearly communicated to my kids what was expected of them in terms they could understand and have always exceeded my expectations. They make us feel like family!"

The Andrade Family

"Dr. McNutt did a wonderful job on my teeth. His attention to detail kept me on schedule and I did get my braces off in the early part of my projected timeframe. He just completed my daughters braces on time and her teeth look beautiful. Dr. McNutt will also be doing my son’s braces next year. He is a pleasure to work with. I have recommended him to friends and they have also been pleased."

Ricky Yi

“My son has been a patient of Dr. McNutt for the past 3 years! We have received stellar customer
service from Dr. McNutt and staff!!! The technician are fantastic between both Clayton and Cary
office!! Dr. McNutt is just a wonderful person and a GREAT Orthodontic Dr.”

Mandi Brown

“Five Stars to Dr. McNutt the entire team that helped us so far from the extensive free consults to
the beginning of adult and child treatment. What a fantastic office. They have helped me with adult
Invisalign (nearly done!) and today just put braces on my 7 year old with a severe overbite and
space between her two front teeth. They were so kind and gentle with my little girl - who is actually
borderline special needs. They were so professional and explained everything to both of us slowly
and clearly the entire time. My daughter had no pain, no fear, and was so proud to show her smile
off to everyone as we left the office. Looking forward to our future beautiful smiles thanks to Dr.
McNutt & team! 5 stars for the comfort of the office as well -for waiting parents and siblings. Love
the family photos spread around the office!”

Meagan Tsoumbos

“From the time we made the appointment for our initial consultation with Dr. McNutt, we were sure we'd made the right decision in our search for an orthodontist. Every subsequent visit we make to the office has only served to further solidify this opinion. The receptionist, billing staff and new patient coordinator were so friendly and welcoming, right from the start. We were greeted warmly as we came in, then the treatment coordinator gave us a tour of the bright, clean and tastefully decorated office with its cheerful photos of smiling children, Keurig coffee maker, iMacs and
selection of good reading material. We were very impressed by the open-door policy, which allows
parents to be with their children during their treatment. Dr. McNutt exudes an aura of skill and
expertise, coupled with a sincerity and straightforwardness that is utterly refreshing. There was a
distinct lack of sales pressure while discussing treatment options, which was quite a change from other orthodontists we'd visited. The treatment plan was thoroughly explained and all of our questions were answered. Each visit since has been expeditious and highly satisfactory and we are excitedly anticipating the beautiful outcome. I highly recommend this practice.”

Pastor Harold Dorrell Briscoe

“About a month ago I was on national tv and felt very confident in my smile because of the care,
detail and professionalism of Dr. McNutt and his staff. I am so grateful for them and the care they
have given me over the last two years.”

Casey Mericle

“We saw Dr. McNutt and his staff today for a consultation to get braces for both of my kids, and I
was absolutely blown away. Dr. McNutt was incredibly thorough and I LOVED that he gave the kids
their individual plans and spoke to them like he would to his own children. I didn't feel pushed in to
anything or like I was just another $$. I told the kids in the car after we left that it has been a long
time since I have met a doctor that I liked so much. Dayna (assisted Dr. McNutt) was very knowledgeable and patient with all of my questions and the girl working the front desk (with blonde hair and a warm demeanor) was so welcoming and pleasant. I was going to go to a different orthodontist to get another quote, but I canceled the appointment. I know that my children will be in good hands with Dr. McNutt and his staff!”

Lauren Raguzin

“Hello friends, I wanted to highly recommend McNutt Orthodontics, 16 months ago I found myself
needing braces as an adult (also had them when I was young) I can say a humbling experience, my
bottom teeth had shifted so majorly, honestly, I didn't see how they would ever be straight again. I
got my braces removed on Thursday and it was a happy day for me I was counting down the days
and minutes and my teeth and bite are perfect thanks to Dr. McNutt and his wonderful staff. I can
not say enough about how wonderful they are caring and truly are about perfection and the
friendliest! If your child needs braces go to Dr. Mcnutt and if you are an adult don't be afraid.
Thank you to the entire staff at McNutt Orthodontics and thank you Dr. McNutt.”

Jennifer Pankau

“We were new to NC and we were referred to Dr. McNutt. I wanted to obtain a plan since I have one
child with too much space and another with very little. Both of my kids loved the office and staff
from the moment we walked in. The staff is friendly and will work with you to get appointments
that you can fit into your schedule. They do not push unnecessary procedures on you and will be
precise in explaining where you currently are at with treatment and what is projected for a great
outcome. Although we are on standby for braces right now, I feel very confident and assured for
when we start treatment.”

The White Family

"All four of my daughters have received orthodontic care from Dr. McNutt and we have all been pleased with their results. Dr. McNutt and his entire staff are terrific! We have and do recommend them to anyone looking for an orthodontist. He and his staff have always made my children feel comfortable and I think my girls would even say their experience with braces was an enjoyable one."

Sean O’Connor MLS

"I am so grateful that I ended up coming to Dr. McNutt to straighten my teeth. I didn't know a lot about my options, and he was incredibly helpful and honest right from the start. I just got the feeling that he was a good person, and I was right. I am so happy with my treatment, and I was surprised that it did not affect soccer at all. I even played games for the Railhawks with my Invisalign trays in. Thanks to you, I have the smile I’ve always wanted! God Bless!"

Ellen Board

"Thanks to Dr. McNutt for the excellent work he has done for Nicholas. He has always been so kind and encouraging to Nick with every visit. He always explains what he is going to do and answers questions in ways that are understandable. We are so glad that we chose Dr. McNutt and will miss
him, but are glad to have graduated."

The Holder Family

Having braces was not the easiest thing, but because of Dr. McNutt and the amazing staff here at Clayton Orthodontics, the whole process much more enjoyable. Plus I loved the fact that I had my
own theme song every time I walked in for a checkup.

The Lewis Family

"Dr. McNutt and the staff at Cary Orthodontics are caring professionals who go out of their way to make patients feel welcome and comfortable. Dr. McNutt and his assistants take the time to treat each patient individually, ensuring the end result will be worth the wait. After our youngest son broke a tooth in a baseball accident, Dr. McNutt partnered with our dentist office, going above and beyond the call of duty, to ensure that the orthodontic treatment would not be  compromised during the process of repairing the tooth. We couldn’t be more pleased with our boys’ new confident smiles!"

The Lyens Family

"I know that every time I walk in, I’ll see a smile from every person in the office, and I always feel loved. I appreciate every person that works here, and even though I haven’t been been here with them forever, they already feel like a second family! Y’all are some of the sweetest adults I know, and you always continue to make me laugh. Thank you so VERY much for making my smile so beautiful!"

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