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At Southern Smiles Your Family Is Our Family


Pediatric Dentistry

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At McNutt Orthodontics we understand the benefits of straight teeth and a proper bite go well beyond improving oral health. Whether you are interested in wearing braces or clear aligners to straighten your teeth, a beautiful smile can change the way you see yourself and change the way the world sees you. We invite you to visit us for a complimentary consultation to learn how orthodontics can improve your smile and your oral health at any age. 


Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service, and to using proven technologies and modern techniques. As our patients will tell you, our team offers highly personalized orthodontic treatment in a warm, caring environment. We look forward to sharing our enthusiasm for all of the benefits that modern orthodontic treatment has to offer.

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A lifetime of smiles begins right here!  Our pediatric dentists specialize in the oral and dental health care needs of infants, children, teens, and those with special health care needs.   We recognize that good oral health in children is essential and that choosing the right dental team to care for your child is important.  We promote prevention, education and providing treatment in a kind and compassionate way.  Children who have good oral health generally have better overall body health, more self-confidence, and better social and psychological health. 

Whether your child needs a routine check-up, fluoride, and sealants, or a more in-depth procedure to fix tooth decay, extract a tooth, or has suffered dental trauma, our experienced team will know just what to do.  

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