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New Patient Consultations

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McNutt Orthodontics and Southern Smiles
Are In Affiliation With Each Other & Are Owned By The McNutt Family

The McNutt Orthodontics team at Southern Smiles offers consultations for adults of any age, teens, and young children. We truly love meeting new patients, and we are frequently told after our consultations that the experience was better than any prior experience elsewhere. Our goal is to be educational and to be a patient-first advocate. We will not pressure our patients to commit to treatment at the consultation, and our team truly works hard to try to exceed expectations.

Dr. McNutt creates a uniquely tailored plan for each patient we treat, designed to create a beautiful smile and to achieve a level of dental health that will help patients to keep their teeth and mouth healthy for a lifetime.

To schedule a new patient consult, submit an online consultation request or contact us by phone.

In addition to requesting to schedule a consult, we will also require completion of our New Patient Registration Form below. Before completing the registration form, we recommend submitting a consult request online or contacting us by phone.

New Patient Consultations
Southern Smiles Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry Brand Element

New Patient Helpful Instructions

  • Completing our online New Patient Registration form in advance is required.

  • Time is not allotted at the consultation for completing the form.

  • In the event you are unable to complete the form at least a day in advance, plan to arrive twenty minutes early in order to complete the form in office on our computer.

  • We may not be able to provide you with accurate orthodontic insurance coverage if you do not provide your information at least 48 hours in advance.

  • To email us a copy of your insurance card or dental records, please send them to

  • If a panorex x-ray is available from your family dentist or another orthodontist, please request that the doctor email a digital copy to you or that one be sent to directly to us at

  • If you have trouble obtaining x- rays or dental records from a previous doctor, please see the Dental Records Release Form section of our website for help.

Prior to your consultation, please note the following:

X-Rays & Radiographs: Panorex

A panorex x-ray is a standard part of most orthodontic exams. Sometimes the general family dentist has already taken one on the patient. In the event you do not have a direct referral to us from your family dentist, please request a copy of any panorex x-rays one file for the patient. A high-resolution copy emailed to you can be then forwarded to us.  Please contact us here.

  • Please note that by law (NC Board of Dental Examiners), you are entitled to a copy of your x-rays from the family dentist or another orthodontist without having to sign a records release form, as long as they practice in the state of NC.

  • By law, you only need to verbally request (the law does not require you to be in person) a copy, and you can request that it be sent directly to us.

  • In the event that you are told that you or your child’s dental records won’t be released to you without a signed records release form, please understand that this is not legal.

  • For help or more information, contact information for the NC Board of Dental Examiners can be found by clicking HERE.

Southern Smiles Panoramic X-Ray

We are routinely contacted by patients we did not treat, most often adults who were treated as teens, requesting an evaluation to repair or replace broken or lost retainers. These retainers include both removable retainers and in-mouth bonded permanent wire retainers.


We are happy to provide solutions for these types of problems, and a particular type of retainer consultation is required.


Please note that we cannot guarantee repair or replacement of a retainer ‘same day’. There are many types of retainers and different types of repairs.


Most removable retainers are replaced by creating a 3D-printed model of your teeth / dental arch. Our clinical orthodontic team uses a scanning device (non-radiologic / no X-rays) to create a computer-generated 3D model of your teeth. We 3D print the model and then fabricate the retainer based on the model of your teeth. In most cases, we can provide you with the 3D model for safekeeping, as this model can be used to create additional retainers.

Southern Smiles Logo

Retainer Repair & Replacemet Form

After we reviewed the form, we will contact you to schedule your evaluation.

Retainer Repair & Replacemet Form
Ortho Consult Forms

Adult Orthodontic Consultations

We offer adult orthodontic consultations. Adult orthodontic treatment is an exciting part of our practice and we have treated patients well into their 80’s. About 20% of our entire practice is made up of adults, and we are fond of saying that “braces are beautiful at any age.” We cherish our patient relationships with adults. Often they have waited many years to take care of themselves, prioritizing their children first. It gives us such great joy to see how happy our adult patients are when treatment is finished and they finally have the smile they have dreamed of. To learn more about adult orthodontic treatment options, click the button above.

Teen Orthodontic Consultations

We offer teen orthodontic consultations. Orthodontic treatment during the teen years is a rite of passage for many. Most of our patients are in their teen years and it is a privilege to watch so many talented young people grow up and find their smile and their purpose. For many patients, the early teen years are ideal because typically all the baby teeth (primary teeth) are gone and most of the adult permanent teeth have come in. This time period also coincides with the adolescent growth spurt. Orthodontists have a greater ability to move teeth efficiently during this growth spurt and teeth can be placed in their final positions at this age. Being a teen is not easy and they feel pressure from lots of different directions in life as they navigate growing up. Our goal is to treat teens with respect, educate them, and involve them in the process of their treatment as we journey toward their best smile. Dr. McNutt is fond of saying to teens, “There is a difference between doing something to you and doing something for you.” In other words, it is important for a teen to feel invested in orthodontic treatment and to play an active role. We don’t want to be just another voice telling a teen what to do, they deserve to know why we do things the way we do and they deserve for us to be there for them.

Early Childhood Orthodontic Consultations

Most of our early childhood consultations are of children ages 7-10. We are often asked questions like, “At what age should a child get braces?”, or “At what age should I first bring my child to be looked at?” For specific advice on this see our "Patient Education" page. Generally speaking, children should be evaluated by the orthodontist no later than age 7-9. Occasionally, significant problems with the teeth or the bite may develop in children younger than age 7. In these cases, your family dentist has been trained to spot those problems and refer them to the orthodontist. When it comes to what age is best to start orthodontic treatment, it really varies depending upon the problem to be corrected. Every child is an individual. Some children lose their baby teeth early and their permanent teeth come in early compared to their classmates. Other children lose their baby teeth very late and may not be ready for orthodontic treatment until after many of their classmates have already started treatment.

Some Examples Of Problems That May Require Early Orthodontic Treatment Are:

  • Cross-bites of the front or back teeth

  • Open bites due to a thumb or finger-sucking habit

  • Severe crowding and eruption problems

  • Severely protruding front teeth that are at risk for trauma

  • Problems with how the upper or lower jaws are growing

  • A narrow upper dental arch due to deficient jaw growth

  • Impacted teeth that are stuck in the jaw bone or are moving in the wrong direction


When Phase I Orthodontic Treatment is needed, our orthodontic creates a uniquely tailored plan for each child with specific goals in mind. Early interceptive orthodontic treatment is focused only on specific goals that need to be achieved in order to greatly reduce the severity of developing problems and to reduce the impact of future problems.


Early orthodontic treatment can be difficult for some children and we always look at the situation as though we were making a decision for our own family.

Southern Smiles Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry Brand Element

“A beautiful smile can change the way you see yourself and change the way the world sees you."

Contemporary orthodontics offers many different options for teen treatment. We understand that great treatment outcomes involve a collaborative effort between the patient, the orthodontist, and the family dentist. As his patients will attest, Dr. McNutt carefully customizes each treatment plan to maximize the outcome. We always begin with the end in mind, and a great plan from the beginning allows us to focus our energy on having fun with our patients.

Southern Smiles Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry Brand Element

Payment Plans

We believe everyone deserves their most beautiful smile and healthiest bite. We offer a variety of interest-free payment plans to help you achieve a smile that you can’t wait to share with the entire world!

  • Our payments are conveniently and seamlessly processed via auto-draft via the bank account or credit card of your choice. Payments sync with our software and provide you with easy-to-access up-to-date payment information.

  • In-House Interest-Free Financing Is Standard: payments are generally spread out over the course of treatment, even beyond the total time it takes to complete treatment, at no interest.

  • Low Down Payment To Start Treatment: Our standard downpayment is significantly less than the national average and is designed to help patients lower the barrier to starting their treatment.

  • Monthly Payments: We have the flexibility to work within your monthly budget to find a monthly payment amount that works for you.

  • Full Payment Discounts: We offer discounts for co-payment in full.

  • Family Discounts: We offer family discounts for multiple family members in treatment.

  • We accept a variety of credit cards.

  • Flexible Spending Health Savings Accounts: We structure special payment plans around Flex & HSA accounts for our patient families, allowing you to take advantage of the tax savings incentives.

Payment Plans

Cost Of Treatment

When it comes to the cost of treatment, the two most common questions we are asked are:

No. 1

“How much do braces cost?

There really is no good answer to this first question, as there is no “average” cost for orthodontic treatment. Treatment needs differ greatly from patient to patient. The amount of time required to complete treatment, the complexity of treatment, and the orthodontic devices & materials necessary to complete treatment all have a significant impact on cost. We offer treatment for people of so many different ages and so many different types of problems. We do not take a “one size fits all” approach, and we tailor treatment fees dependent upon individual circumstances.

No. 2

"How much will my insurance contribute to the cost?”

As for this question, our team is well-trained to help inform you about your insurance benefits and to help you maximize the benefit contribution towards the overall cost. Most people are unaware that orthodontic insurance policies are generally very different from general dental insurance benefits. This can lead to confusion and unrealistic expectations. We never want insurance to be a frustrating part of the orthodontic journey. Keep in mind that having dental insurance coverage does not automatically mean there is orthodontic coverage.

Cost Of Treatment
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